What I learned from my NTFM class

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For the last few months i have spent my lecture time in college thinking about Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Linkedin and all things social media related.  Having previously admitted to being a Facebook and Twitter addict you might be forgiven for thinking i had added to my social media addictions, drifting off contemplating when i could eagerly tap my IPhone to get my next fix of any of the above . On the contrary i was actually thinking about coursework relevant to my new technology’s for marketers class i had chosen to take as one of my free choice modules in my final semester of 2013.

I can honestly say that i am more than happy i took the time to read the module descriptor when choosing my electives for this semester, as this class was honestly the most enjoyable ive had all year. Not only was it engaging for me as a self-confessed social media addict ,but also very relevant to the changes and opportunity’s the emergence of  social media is creating for both consumers and marketers alike.

images I can admit that a loving bond was formed for me in this class with the visual social media platform Pintrest,which has caused me to currently suffer from over eager pinning syndrome of any image i find remotely appealing.  But my greatest discovery and a long life love that i know i will continue to nurture ,was established in the last few months between me and the creative art that is blogging. Used professionally as a key tool to build yourself or your business brand, or simply as a hobbie to share all the things you love in life, the benefits you receive from keeping a blog are immeasurable.

My third favourite discovery during this class was TED talks. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds and has since grown into a community of the world’s most inspired thinkers, and motivational speakers. Over the last number of weeks we viewed a number of TED talks as part of the course work, so impressed with these this led me to watch a number of others in my own time outside of class,  one that stood out for me emphasised the power of people in social media and how business need to understand how it works in order to engage with their audience correctly.


To be honest my only criticism of this class would be that i wish we had started this topic sooner so we could have continued it into the second semester, as i feel it is so relevant to modern-day marketing. Discovering how much technology has advanced and integrated into our everyday life in such a short number of years , made me realise that in another small number of years we will look back at 2013 and think “wow”, look how far we have again advanced.

I read an interesting statistic recently which said 6 out of 10 jobs advertised today were not even invented more than 5 years ago.This made me think about how fast changes evolve in business and also how quickly we need to adapt in order to keep up with new consumer demands and new marketing opportunities . It shows business’s and marketers need to be consistently striving to engage with new technology’s and the changes and opportunities they bring ,in order to maintain sustainable businesses and stay one step ahead.  In other words new technology’s for marketers may have been the most relevant marketing class i have taken this year but it certainly will not be the last i will be studying on this topic.

A thank you must be passed onto my lecturer Colette Murphy for making the  NTFM  class interesting and engaging, and showing you have a real passion for what you do!.


# Addicted to Twitter



With over 500 million Twitter users sending an average of 55 million tweets per day , its hard to believe tweet mania has only been in our life since 2006 when founder Jack Dorsey (@jack) sent the first tweet saying “just setting up my twttr”.

Today as Twitter has become more ingrained into our daily routine, checking for news updates every few minutes, using hashtags on Facebook, in emails and responding to friends via Twitter instead of texts, we have slowly become hooked on this 140 character social platform.


In the seven short years since its inception Twitter has managed to establish itself as a force to be reckoned with.  The Power of Twitter is undeniable, 50 Cent  recently posted a tweet suggesting to his followers to buy stock in “H & H Imports” which he held a 12% stake in. The stock price soared and brought him an additional $10m nearly overnight. President Barack Obama also uses it to update the massive @BarackObama Twitter account himself!!

The gift of my coveted Iphone, which i incidentally think i could now not live without , last year has excelled my social media addictions. A light press on a beaming twitter app and im following tweets on my way to college , in between classes, on my way to work and sitting in front of Tv at night. The word hash tag is now so ingrained in my vocabulary it is used as a form of exclamation to emphasis the end of my sentences.  Still don’t get it ? what is the draw you might ask.

The thrill of having direct access  to communicate  and follow people i would ordinarily just read about in my gossip magazine at the touch of my finger has a certain draw that nothing else can fill quite as well. The anticipation of finding out the news at that very moment it is shared with the world is quite literally addictive. So i guess what im trying to say is yes  im a tweetaholic and no form of rehabilitation abstaining from the tweet is going to reform me !!

So if your not addicted yet, watch out Twitter is coming for you !   images-15


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Also check out the video below from Twitter HQ on its seven year life so far here.


# officalytwitterdependent


Surfing the Web in a Filter Bubble………..


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Welcome to the year 2013, where  if in doubt you google right ?. After getting the topic for this weeks blog on new technologies for marketers class, i can safely say i was unaware of the use of the Filter Bubble. A term coined by internet activist  Eli Pariser in his book by the same name. According to Pariser, users get less exposure to conflicting viewpoints and are isolated intellectually in their own informational bubble.So after much research , i firstly want to explain what a filter bubble is for the people like me who are unaware how a filter bubble may currently be affecting your online search experience.

What does a Filter Bubble mean ?


A filter bubble is the intellectual isolation that can occur when websites make use of algorithms to selectively assume the information a user  would want to see, and then give information to the user according to this assumption. Websites make these assumptions based on the information related to the user, such as former click behavior, browsing history, search history and location. For that reason, the websites are more likely to present only information that will abide by the user’s past activity. A filter bubble, therefore, can cause users to get significantly less contact with contradicting viewpoints, causing the user to become intellectually isolated.

Personalized search results from Google and personalized news stream from Facebook are two perfect examples of this phenomenon. http://www.techopedia.com

So i suppose in basic english, a filter bubble controls what we view when we search online, feeding us information that is analysed as most relevant to us. According to Facebook founder  Mark Zuckerberg,” A squirrel dying in our front garden may be more relevant to us than people dying in Africa”  and while this is a bold statement that people may agree or disagree with. The question shouldnt be what is more relevant to us assesed by analytics on past clicks of a keyboard, but why are we not being given all the information available to make an educated choice as to which topic we want to view and engage with. How can we possibly make educated decisions when we are being cocooned in a bubble of our own limited self interests.

Check out this video from Internet activist  Eli Pariser on TED.com where he talks about Filter Bubbles and why we should be beware.

Is Facebook Taking Over Our Lifes ??

President Obama used it to get elected. Dell will recruit new hires with it. Microsoft’s new operating system borrows from it. No question, Facebook has friends in high places … CNN on Facebook


I found it quite amusing that this was the topic we had to blog about this week as part of our new technology’s For marketers Class, as it brought me back to a conversation i had just this weekend in unusual circumstances. So after crashing my car in what can only be described as a truly dramatic fashion. I was left to be consoled by a good samaritan called Bob who i guess to be aged around 60.

A keen vintage car enthusiast he quickly told me about his love for the restoration of  old cars back to their natural beauty, explaining how they didn’t quite make them like they used to , while also explaining in the same breath his loath for mobile phones and the annoyance they caused to his life. This is why he chooses to only turn his on every Saturday morning to make the calls he found necessary  and then hit the power off button again quickly before modern technology intruded on his day.

The next sentence from Bob’s mouth then was quite unexpected. “I use Facebook once a week to play scrabble with my friend in Australia Its Great !”, here was a man who loathed modern technology and rejoiced in the simpler times,but actively sought out Facebook once a week to interact with a friend across the world.

So is Facebook taking over our lives ?

Welcome to 2013 and the era of new technology, where Facebook and Twitter updates go hand in hand with sleeping and eating! Personally i use Facebook quite regularly everyday to keep up with and interact with my friends located at home and in different country’s. An increase in the growth of smartphones and tablets has made social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter accessible on the go increasing the popularity of both. Humans are social creatures  and in a world of increasing complexities and diversification the simple ability to  choose who and when we engage with friends proves a popular appeal!

Check out this video on the social media revolution

Statistics from socialbakers  tells us that Facebook has over 1 billion users, penetration in Ireland is 48.15% compared to the country’s population and 71.29% in relation to number of Internet users. The total number of FB users in Ireland is reaching a huge 2,225,720 and grew by more than 16640 in the last 6 months. It is now so ingrained in our daily lives that Facebook addiction is now a recognised disorder named FAD.

While i agree that Facebook may not replace real face to face interaction, it does act as a powerful tool that facilitates real-time engagement between people who may have in the past  lost contact due to poor and costly communication networks. I for one don’t know what i would do without it ! Maybe im addicted !!

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The App is Dead, Long Live Mobile Marketing !


In a world of constantly evolving technology  you would be forgiven for thinking the above statement could be true. Mobile marketing has hugely changed the way we live and do business. The emergence of smartphones and tablets has influenced the way we gather information, interact with others and improved consumer purchasing power by offering the ability to browse the web instantly for the best possible deal.Business are under continuous pressure to adapt their technology to keep up with these changes in order to stay up to date with consumer expectations.

The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Consumers

Dont underestimate  the power of the APP !!

It is hard to believe we are only living with the use of mobile apps for the last couple of years, yet they are now firmly integrated into daily life, making the world a smaller place, they enable us to stay in daily contact with far-flung friends, offer entertainment,provided a quick and easy shopping experience and most importantly offer us quick access to information we need quickly. Guilty as charged  I for one hold my hands up  as an overeager App downloader, sure i need 7 apps for learning Italian!!.Unsurprisingly as you might have guessed, i have yet found the time to learn Italian and have only really used one of these Apps that i found useful, the rest currently lie dormant on my phone eating up my precious internal memory. Yet no one can deny how the use of Apps on mobile devices has vastly improved the way we live.

During my life so far  I have been lucky enough to live in Edinburgh, Scotland and frequently visit Italy over the last two years due to a move by my boyfriend for work purposes.The use of Apps on my mobile device has enabled me to keep in daily contact with my boyfriend and important friends I have gained through my travels.  This has led me to have a deep appreciation for the humble App, and I for one would have a less richer and more costly life without it.

So while you can be forgiven for mistaking that Apps might be old news, we should not be surprised to see that the most relevant Apps developed and the ones that will continue to succeed into the future will be the Apps that make our life easier and add real value to our individual needs. So whether you are a  farmer who needs to diagnose sick cattle quickly, a parent who wants a developmental App for a child, a business person who needs to book flights on the move, or a marketing student who needs a reliable quick  cost-effective way to communicate across the world the App is alive and kicking and still giving!!Making it an integral part of the continued growth in Mobile Marketing.

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“you can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.” ― Stephen King, On Writing


Welcome to the world of Word Press, so here goes,lets begin !!

My name is Aisling and i am a student currently in my third year of studies specialising in business,event and social media marketing at the Cork Institute of Technology. I have always found the idea of creating my own blog a rather exciting prospect as i have always thoroughly enjoyed writing as a form of expression. So why have i never done it sooner you may ask?. Well maybe due to the fear that no one will want to read it and i fall flat on my preverble blog face. Hmm…. So faced with the challenge to create something that not only inspires me but also the masses, i will try to focus on relevant and interesting topics to keep all entertained, and blog about truly inspiring developments in the world of modern marketing and social media developments. Wish me Luck!

According to Mashable 50 Events